Two HUGE Hollywood Stars Just Lost $25 Million Each Because They’re Stupid Liberals

In Hollywood, a person’s value is measured by how much money they’re paid to do a movie. Anyone earning more than $10 million is considered A-list, and those over $20 million are considered “elite.”

Two of those “elites” just found out what it’s like to be on the losing side for once. Ultra-liberals Seth Rogan and Elizabeth Banks, both of whom are well-known Clinton supporters, just had a major movie deal canceled by 20th Century Fox. The movie, a remake of the 1980s hit When Harry Met Sally, was scheduled to begin production on the 1st of May.

Fox spokesman James Fernwillow said the movie’s executive producer spent a day with the cast for a meet and greet and was disgusted by how disrespectful and downright hateful Rogan and Banks were towards President Trump. Fernwillow said in a statement:

20th century Fox is saddened that the talents of Rogan and Banks won’t be welcome on the set. The screenplay was re-written specifically with a modern flair and their personalities in mind. Re-casting them wasn’t easy, but we think we’ve found the perfect combination to make the movie fun as well as nostalgic.
Rogan will be replaced by Scott Baio and Banks by Stacey Dash, assuring a more wholesome, conservative cast. The cost of the film will also be cut by nearly $45 million. Looks like Trump is having a positive effect on Hollywood after all.


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